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The crossing place

KAren Ankers

The Crossing Place is a dark-edged love story.  Laura is frustrated with her mundane life, her boring job, and marriage to a man she no longer loves.  But she does not expect things to change so dramatically and so suddenly.   An accidental encounter with a homeless stranger leaves her shaken and confused, before a series of unsettling dreams disturbs her further and leaves her questioning her own sanity.

When Laura meets Paul Jayston, a handsome, charismatic past-life counsellor, she is very sceptical about his beliefs.  When he suggests that her dreams might be memories of a past life, she insists there must be a rational explanation.  One particularly difficult dream has her turning to Paul for help and advice, but when she is confronted by revelations about his past, Laura has to make a choice.  Should she allow herself to be guided by the alternative world-view of a man with strange ideas and a questionable past, or should she try and deal alone with the unsettling things she keeps seeing?

When danger comes from an unexpected source, both Laura and Paul find themselves having to confront not only very real threats in the present, but also doubts and fears from the past.

a tale of two loons

Sarah anne steckel

Azura, a kept ward, eludes the only man who helps her escape her gilded captivity, allowing her to finally live the carefree and wild life she always desired. Her maniacal lifestyle takes her from a sheltered life of a secret unwanted child in northern Michigan, and on a murderous cat and mouse hunt with Durwood, a freshfaced young detective, across the country. Nearly two-decades later Norman, Azura's melancholy bastard son, who with Durwood's aid and also his hindrance, attempts to establish his own dignified reputation. Through trial and error, he soon realizes that trying to outlive his mother's infamous lifestyle, is much harder than he originally fathomed.



Second time around

sonya gant

Jada Johnson is living the American Dream. So she thought! She marries her college sweetheart and is the mother of twins. A newly devoted Christian, Jada has fallen in love with the Lord, but at a price. The enemy has fought her ever since she has changed her life. Her husband, Ken, refuses to go to church and is making her life a living hell. Somehow the two of them can’t find common ground. It’s almost like a stranger is living in the house. The more Jada reveals to Ken clues that he is living a secret life, the more he denies.

Jada finds comfort at work, were she is drawn to a resident, Tasha, who is pregnant and down on her luck. Jada remembered how life was for her when she was nineteen, and offers to help this young teen out, but will later find out how everything happens for a reason. Things may be rocky, but with faith Jada will not lose. What Jada is about to face is out of her control. Will things go right a Second Time Around?



d. omran

Conundrums is a collection of enigmatic tales that spark the imagination and challenges reason.



away from the sun

oumnia guedda

Amber Wilson, a teenager living an ordinary life, has a premonition about the death of her father. Following the truth behind the dreams, she discovers she is not what she thinks she is.


The Stripper and the yakuza

B. Lindsey Belan

Bella's life is full of excitement, fun, and travel as she's working as a freelance exotic dancer. Her big dream was always to travel to Japan, and she said yes to her Russian friend's, Natalia’s, proposal, who offered help finding a place for her in a Japanese hostess club. Upon her arrival, Bella is full of hopes and excitements, but soon she discovers the world of the workaholic Japanese customers, their lack of speaking English, and the games between clients and their obedient hostesses. By her nature, Bella is always honest and straight forward, but in Japan this in not the required behaviour. Bella becomes more and more exhausted at work, bodily and mentally, and she goes through a culture shock and feels rejected in the country of her dreams.

One day, Yoshihiro, a pleasant customer who speaks good English, appears in the club. Bella immediately spots his yakuza tattoo and realises he's a gangster, but instead of being scared, she becomes curious.

Bella is independent, free, careless. A stripper. Yoshihiro is strong, dominant, loyal. A yakuza. Can their two different worlds meet and develop a lifelong relation?

IMG_1002 (1).jpg


j.e. griffiths

What do a princess, a racing pilot, and submarines all have in common? The answer, one of the most watched sports of the 23rd century. Flare is a Sci-Fi new adult novel that shows a bright and hopeful future where new sports have been born and dominate the media. Among the new sports is the Water Leagues, a series of racing submarine leagues around the globe. Among these leagues is Flare, sought after street racer who wants more than anything to compete in the System Grand Prix, the most elite racing league in the system. Flare however hides a secret. Flare's secret is that she is a princess.

27018183_1163088483822571_1835999994_o (1).jpg

love holds no boundaries

candice rodriguez

Aimee Preston is a young woman who had the weight of the world on her shoulders, with her father being murdered and her mother dying of an illness, and a brother who she has not seen for five years and did not return to help as her world crumbled, leaving Aimee with hardly any means of supporting herself. She gets word her brother is coming home, and she is hoping he will help through the tough times. The only problem is, the brother she once loved has changed.

Grey Wolf, a Cherokee warrior next to in line of becoming chief, has a headstrong father, and one must back down. With all the chaos around his village, he gets himself into trouble.

Between all the trials and tribulation that they encountered, does their love tear them away? How far are they willing to go? Do the secrets destroy them or bring them even closer?



Tired of searching for a publisher? Your wait is over. with our two publishing paths, stepping stones is a perfect publisher for all authors tired of running around in circles to get a manuscript accepted. our hybrid path guarantees publication, while our traditional path is a great fit for thouroughly edited manuscripts.


Stepping Stones Publishing offers two pathways to having a published book. With a high royalty rate of 70% for our authors, Stepping Stones does require edited manuscripts for our traditional path. We do, however, realize that editors on the open market can be unaffordable. So, we decided to add a path which provides affordable editing, and an otherwise traditional publishing experience. And to boot, authors who use our hybrid path are guaranteed a publishing contract with 70% royalties for the life of the contract. And to add on to that, our editing rate is only half a cent per word, vastly less than a majority of editors and the EFA preferred rates.

We do know that not all authors are comfortable with that, so we also offer a traditional pathway. With our traditional path, you submit your full manuscript and we get back to you within 60 to 90 days with a decision. If we decide your manuscript needs editorial work, a sample is provided with how we came to that decision.


*Note. The only cost incurred with our hybrid path is the $0.005 (half a cent) per word editorial cost. Book cover, formatting, teasers, trailer, website, and distribution are included at no cost for both hybrid and traditional publishing pathways.


Hybrid Path

  • Guaranteed to be published
  • Guaranteed editorial happiness before publishing. (Our publisher will work with you directly on any and all necessary editorial issues.)
  • 70% royalty
  • Cancellable contract
  • Book cover design
  • Author website
  • Book trailers
  • Book teasers
  • Worldwide distribution

Traditional Path

  • Our traditional pathway offers all aspects of nearly all publishing houses. EXCEPT that our royalty rate for you is 70%, not a measly 10-15% most other publishers provide.
  • This path DOES require a professionally edited manuscript. Manuscripts submitted that need editorial work will either be referred to our hybrid path or returned for editing, whichever you prefer.
  • 70% royalty
  • Cancellable contract
  • Book cover design
  • Author website
  • Book trailers
  • Book teasers
  • Worldwide distribution


Thank you Stepping Stones Publishing. Thank you Brian. You were a pleasure to work with. I appreciate the fact that you were always responsive, insightful, courteous and very professional. I thank you for making my dream come true. “Away From The Sun” is no longer a fidgety idea in my head. I couldn’t have done it without you. This is definitely only the beginning of a long-term relationship; yep you’re stuck with me ☺
— Oumnia Guedda, Away from the Sun

Great publisher to work with, communication brilliant.
— J.E. Griffiths, Flare


Make your dreams a reality.

It is time to stop thinking publishing is an arduous, long, frustrating process. It does not have to be. Really! Stepping Stones Publishing is here to provide you with all the assistance and services of a traditional publisher with the flexibility of self-publishing. Our publisher, Brian Tedesco, has over 15 years of experience as an editor and publisher and strives to bring his knowledge and assistance to you throughout the entire publishing process. Remove the mindset you can't find a publisher, and start today!