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Aneisha Smith was first introduced to novels by her mother at a tender age. She fell in love with books and has been reading ever since. So much so, in fact, that in high school she was called a bookworm. It was due to her love of travelling that Aneisha discovered her true calling was to be a writer. She figured it would be a dream come through for her to touch the lives of people all around the world, and started a blog and wrote short fiction stories and amusing things that happen during the course of her travels. When she isn't reading or writing she is watching medieval shows such as Vikings and Game of Thrones -- or fantasizing about Idris Elba. Aneisha currently resides in her country of birth, Jamaica.

Aneisha's Titles


death wears a beautiful smile

Willa Cole is a young woman who has been accused of committing one of the most gruesome crimes in Jamaica. No one can figure out her reason for doing it, nor does she explain what happened. She grants one interview to budding journalist Greggory Guthrie. Willa charms him into believing in her innocence, but he soon finds out that wherever she goes destruction follows.

Greggory, on the other hand, has his own problems, things from his past which threaten to come forward and destroy his future. The two are soon caught up in a web of deceit, betrayal, and death. There are outside forces that try to tear them apart while they fight to conquer their demons and stay alive.


Death Wears A Beautiful Smile is on pre-order until April 17th.

Death Wears A Beautiful Smile (paperback)
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