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candice rodriguez

The reason why I decided to start writing, is that I suffer from bipolar depression, and am a mother of an autistic child. Writing was my outlet when things start to become overwhelming. As a child, I was adopted and raised with a family that had Native American ties.  I love history and Native American culture. When I write, I want women to feel whatever the situation is that my character goes through, if it is this time or another time, and that we can overcome anything. Also, that women are strong, not weak. And the love that my character’s share is not about the passion they shared but about the commitment that they share. 

I love coming up with characters and learning about the state or city, along with the Native American tribe in that area during that time period. Also, trying to bring back a simple and quiet life compared to the now. I don’t want people to forget family values. The stories are some part of my life. Some are about secrets, and others are about running from your past.

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love holds no boundaries

Aimee Preston is a young woman who had the weight of the world on her shoulders, with her father being murdered and her mother dying of an illness, and a brother who she has not seen for five years and did not return to help as her world crumbled, leaving Aimee with hardly any means of supporting herself. She gets word her brother is coming home, and she is hoping he will help through the tough times. The only problem is, the brother she once loved has changed.

Grey Wolf, a Cherokee warrior next to in line of becoming chief, has a headstrong father, and one must back down. With all the chaos around his village, he gets himself into trouble.

Between all the trials and tribulation that they encountered, does their love tear them away? How far are they willing to go? Do the secrets destroy them or bring them even closer?


Love Holds no Boundaries
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torn between two loves

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