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D. Omran

Imagine reading a good book and placing yourself as part of the cast of characters; sometimes, the protagonist, other times filling a supporting role. Perhaps you could even be the villain! Well, when I was growing up, that's what I did instead of following my brothers and learning mechanics from my dad. Often, while my friends played outside, I’d sit in my room for hours, getting lost in other worlds. In Madeleine L'Engle’s A Wrinkle in Time, I was Calvin. In Isaac Asimov’s I Robot, I became Robbie the robot.

But reading wasn't enough; I told stories as well. Bedtime stories for my siblings, scary campfire tales for friends, and even the occasional stranger had to endure my ramblings. Even still, being a fiction author remained as elusive as Bigfoot. 

At 23, I joined the Air Force and traveled extensively. Once again, I was thrown into worlds that piqued my interest in fiction. I imagined the castles of Bavaria belonging to kings and queens of lands besieged by dragons. The Bisham Woods in Berkshire England, reputed to be highly haunted by the murderous Lady Hoby, brought images of a ghostly white apparition, desperate to steal souls. While strolling through the vast expanse of the City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia, Spain visions of a futuristic city, complete with synthetic humanoids, holographic signs, and intimidating security bots patrolling the area swam before my eyes. 

Needless to say, I eventually got a clue and started writing. 

But for me, fiction couldn't be just flights of fancy. I’d seen too much of the world and experienced everything from moral dilemmas to political upheaval. Being grounded in reality meant my fiction had to reflect aspects of it as well.

That's where Mindful Fiction With a Dose of Suspense comes in. My writing includes aspects that tease the mind and toys with reason. It's fiction with a twist. “Mindful” because there are often characteristics of realism you must consider. “With a Dose of Suspense” because who doesn't like a little uncertainty?

D. Omran's Titles

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Conundrums is a collection of enigmatic tales that spark the imagination and challenges reason.

The Guests is our first story. Professor Anthony Pace has a secret that’s been eating at his soul for years. Liberation from this secret means imparting a tale that takes place on a war-torn planet. A survivor struggles to maintain his sanity while exacting revenge on the extraterrestrials who still occupy his home. Embarking on a desperate quest to find the rebellion, the survivor befriends an unusual yet insightful companion who aids him in his search. Exposing this story will likely free Anthony from his misery but at what cost?

Our second story, The Convergence, poses an interesting question; what would you do if someone stole your life? Not, "stole" as in the act of identity theft. But, "stole" as in replaced. In this tale, a poor soul faces this seemingly hopeless predicament. But her misfortune doesn't end there. Not only has she been replaced, but the usurper's agenda makes it nearly impossible to be angry with her.

Third, we have The First Node; a story of loss. Loss of family, friends, home…loss of life. It’s also a story of perseverance during trying times. Times when survival is all that matters. Times when you discover war is hell. Especially when you don't know who you're fighting.

Open Waters focuses on Devin and Gregory, a pair of very special twins. Their relationship is challenged and put to the test when Devin joins the Navy and leaves his special needs brother to fend for himself. Only, as it turns out, Gregory isn’t so helpless after all. 

The fifth story is Skin Deep. A futuristic prisoner, serving a life sentence struggles with existence. As if this weren’t enough, the prisoner couldn’t die if it wanted to. It lives to serve; nothing more. Skin Deep is a tale of conflict between morality and reparation. Both equally important but where do you draw the line?

Last, is Thomas’ Folly. Thomas is arrogant, cruel, selfish, and a reluctant werewolf. In an attempt to be rid of the troublesome curse, he consults Zira, a voodoo witch. The two can't seem to agree on whether being a werewolf is a good thing or not, but Zira offers to help regardless. But will things go as smoothly as Thomas hopes?

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