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J.E. Griffiths

Why does the future have to be so bleak? We as human beings have been on the brink of dystopia so many times in our history, and yet we have seen and made the changes needed to prevent this. With this single thought, James E. Griffiths envisioned Flare, a future where submarine racing around the coasts of the globe is treated like football, as big money. The prize for all who race in these leagues is to earn that all important invitation into the System Grand Prix. A race of champions that runs from Earth to Pluto, and back.


            James E. Griffiths is a quirky bloke who has a far from expected start in the literary world. Leaving school at the age of sixteen with only one GCSE to his name, he started a life of challenging work in retail. Something he would find he enjoys doing, making a customer’s day, all the while listening to the way people, real people talk. The words they would use, all this working in the back of his mind as he would, in his spare time, work on different stories--another passion that he pursued with gusto, however there were times when doubt crept in. He would write the start of the story and get halfway, then stop as he didn't think he was any good. It would not be until a change of scenery from London to Plymouth that would see him find support and a renewed will to finish a story he started.

            After some years in Plymouth soaking up some of the local history, he met his wife and went on to have a family. Flare, the story he would start and see to the finish, was inspired in part by a little bedtime story he would tell his five-year-old daughter of a princess who races in space. From that seed, Flare flourished and became the first novel he would finish. Flare, unlike the current trend, does not show a bleak, hopeless future. It instead shows a future where technology had advanced and even changed the landscape of sports. This future would include high profile sports like Zero-G football played in orbital stadiums. Or as is the case for Flare, submarine racing where the best earn their invite to the System Grand Prix, a grand space race that runs from Earth to Pluto and back.

           He is ever optimistic about the future and sees it in a bright, positive way. His earliest imagines of a bright future were heavily influenced by science-fiction shows and films like Star Trek (not just the original but all of them). His first book, however, was far from science fiction. The book that would make him want to write was a vampire story by the name of Dracula, written by Bram Stoker. Another major influence is the Star Wars franchise. All these would contribute in part to the creation of Flare.

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What do a princess, a racing pilot, and submarines all have in common? The answer, one of the most watched sports of the 23rd century. Flare is a Sci-Fi new adult novel that shows a bright and hopeful future where new sports have been born and dominate the media. Among the new sports is the Water Leagues, a series of racing submarine leagues around the globe. Among these leagues is Flare, sought after street racer who wants more than anything to compete in the System Grand Prix, the most elite racing league in the system. Flare however hides a secret. Flare's secret is that she is a princess.

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