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Karen Ankers lives in Anglesey, North Wales.  She remembers growing to love books as a child, relishing the chance to explore other worlds and lose herself in stories.  Her earliest inspiration was Alan Garner, whose sense of magic and wonder shaped the way she saw the world around her.  She spent much of her life in Chester and was an active member of the Chester Poets for several years, appearing in many of their anthologies.  Their early encouragement was the springboard for her writing career.  “If they hadn’t taken my scribblings seriously,” she says, “I probably wouldn’t be writing today.” 

Graduating from Southampton University in 1984, with an M.A. in English Literature, she has had a variety of jobs, including working as a shop assistant, a playgroup leader, and teaching English and Creative Writing.  When her three sons grew up and left home, she decided to pursue writing more seriously.  Her one-act plays have been performed in the UK, USA, Australia and Malaysia, and she has published a collection of poetry. 

Karen feels that her writing enables her to give a voice to those who would otherwise not have one, and her poetry, in particular, is often socially motivated.   She also draws inspiration for her writing from Wales’ mythic landscape and its story-telling tradition.  The Celtic acceptance of the ever-present Otherworld fascinates her, giving, as it does, a sense of different layers of reality being able to exist together.  She will never lose the love of magic she discovered as a child and hopes to continue to explore this through her novels.

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the crossing place

The Crossing Place is a dark-edged love story.  Laura is frustrated with her mundane life, her boring job, and marriage to a man she no longer loves.  But she does not expect things to change so dramatically and so suddenly.   An accidental encounter with a homeless stranger leaves her shaken and confused, before a series of unsettling dreams disturbs her further and leaves her questioning her own sanity.

When Laura meets Paul Jayston, a handsome, charismatic past-life counsellor, she is very sceptical about his beliefs.  When he suggests that her dreams might be memories of a past life, she insists there must be a rational explanation.  One particularly difficult dream has her turning to Paul for help and advice, but when she is confronted by revelations about his past, Laura has to make a choice.  Should she allow herself to be guided by the alternative world-view of a man with strange ideas and a questionable past, or should she try and deal alone with the unsettling things she keeps seeing?

When danger comes from an unexpected source, both Laura and Paul find themselves having to confront not only very real threats in the present, but also doubts and fears from the past. 

The Crossing Place
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