K.M. Ellis

Between binge watching Netflix and drinking wine, Kim somehow found a way to complete creative writing and screen writing at Sydney Community College.

Since then Kim has written two novels and three screen plays. 
She is a lover of romance and sci-fi thrillers and finds inspiration from her eclectic playlist.

K.M. Ellis's Titles



When Samantha Tannen makes the split decision to visit her best friend, Stella, in the small town of Melrouse, she believes it will be just the escape she needs.

After her failed marriage to a psychopath, Samantha promises herself to never get involved with another man, but fate has other plans.

When a downpour severs the roads, Sam finds herself stranded at an old pub called Ivy’s Place. Unable to contact Stella or leave Melrouse, Samantha’s promise to never get involved with another man falls by the wayside when she meets not one, but two men. 

Forty-something Jackson Walsh and his younger friend Alexander Miles.
Jack is every woman’s dream -- tall, dark, handsome -- and unbeknown to Samantha, rich. Alex is sexy, easy going, lots of fun, and makes her laugh.

Sam’s world is about to be turned upside down by love, lust, and loss.

Will Samantha ultimately make a choice between her two loves?

Or will fate step in again?


Melrouse is available for pre-order until April 24

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