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laurel c. young

Laurel Young is an author from the Midwest who is inspired by talented authors to create fast-paced, addicting stories her readers can’t put down. Her first book, Entangled Destiny, is book one of a three book Destiny series. Laurel enjoys reading, critique partnering with other writers, cooking, and family fun. Laurel has been married for over twenty years and has four children, two of them adults. She lives in Wisconsin with her husband and two daughters.


Laurel's Titles


entangled destiny

Desireé Lewis knows your emotions by the smell in the air, and whether you’re a gargoyle or shapeshifter, by your aura’s color. Driven by guilt from her mother’s brutal murder, and the need to understand why she has unique abilities, Desireé founds Coordination Of Paranormal Entities to help others who are different. Unable to have a real relationship because her father abandoned her when she was eight, work is her life.

A PI for paranormal species, Desireé investigates a serial killer who kills shapeshifters, when she is blindsided by Aesh, the ill-tempered Dark Angel of Justice, her guardian angel. If he keeps her safe and slaughters the serial killer, he’ll gain his father, Gabriel’s, favor, redeemed, ruling The Heavens. She makes a deal with Aesh, promising to go to The Underworld and convince Aesh’s mother, Aeshema to stop matchmaking by convincing her they’re in love.  In return, Aesh gives Desireé information about her mother – turns out she was a guardian angel who broke the rules, fell in love with her charge, lost her powers, gave birth and had her wings ripped out of her back.

Are they truly in love? Can they track down the serial killer?



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