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Marine Fourrier

Marine Fourrier

I was born and raised in Louisiana. After college, where I was an art major, I decided that I liked eating, and so I eventually became an accountant for the State of Louisiana Department of Insurance. Seeing patterns in numbers is like solving a mystery, which balances the books. When I retired I moved to a rural area of Florida. This is the country, nearest neighbors are the cows, they are not mine, but are very friendly and love being fed bread (they don’t seem to mind that it is a little stale).  I started writing to fill my days and entertain my friends.

My real children both still live in Baton Rouge area.

Mandy and George are not at all related to or anything like my biological children.

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land of wishes

The story begins on the third most magical day of year, Thanksgiving Day.  The most magical day is, of course, Christmas Day, and the least magical day is the first day of school, in the fall. Tied at number two for most magical are the last day of school before summer vacation and the first day of summer vacation.  Thanksgiving Day kicks off the Christmas season, and a visit from the children’s favorite uncle, who works as a stage magician and serves as the master magician appointed by the Ruler of the Land of Wishes, where magic is the rule, not a trick. Everyone is either magic or can do magic, but usually not both. Uncle Andy is a wonderful story teller and gift giver whose time is very precious to everyone and anyone who believes in magic. Mandy receives a magic kitten from Uncle Andy and George receives a magician’s cape and top hat as a magician-in-training.

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