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Neil Austin was born in Australia, of English parents. He entered the work force as a house painters apprentice, gaining a trade well suited to his roaming life. As an avid reader, he absorbed his writing craft by osmosis rather than formal education.

In a lifetime of wandering, Neil has lived many lives, from the fringe cool of the inner city to the endless expanse of the outback. At an early age he found his hearts home in Buddhism, attracted to both the psychology and the profoundly practical meditation techniques it offered. He has received teachings from various Tibetan Lamas, completed numerous long and short term retreats, and assisted in the transmission of authentic Buddhism to the west. Neil’s love of solitude and private enquiry is balanced by an equal love of people and activity. His writing is informed by experience. From communal sharing to running a business, from a lust for love to celibacy. Buddhism, feminism, socialism, martial arts and yoga, addiction and recovery, poverty and building sites, it’s all grist for the mill. Neil found a talent for story telling in his 50's. He began a tale on Facebook, posted in episodes as the muse channelled them to him, and that story found a few hundred fans. Reader feedback encouraged him to publish and with some editing and expansion, that tale became his first book. Neil continues to write short stories and has a new novel in process. He also writes essays on a variety of topics, inspired by his life experience and the current state of the world.

Neil's Titles

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Kala bear wars

It all started with the destruction of koala habitat by uncaring humanity. The koalas suffered terribly but were powerless to do anything about it. That is until some curious bears stumbled across an illicit marijuana crop, hidden in Kondalilla National Park. The resinous heads of the marijuana plants were certainly tasty, however, the koala brain could not deal with the psychoactive cannabinoids they contained. Their eyes turned from brown to blue and koala became kala.

The mutation gave the kalas human intelligence, stupid and wicked humans that is. They set about attacking what they saw as the source of all their troubles, humans. The kalas fought back against human encroachment, beginning what is now known as the Kala Bear Wars. The kalas were also, unwittingly, playing their part in what was predicted by numerous ancient cultures, the Great Transition of Planet Earth.

Demonic forces backed the kala bears, promising apocalypse and eventually, kala dominion over planet Earth. However, they had not counted on Commander Lord Winnie the Only and his companion, Silverfox. Commander Winnie set about creating a resistance; an allied force of Sirius agents, Earth folk, and some normally unseen but very powerful spirit beings.

Winnie and Silverfox represent the Sirius star system, continuing the ancient connection between Sirius and Earth. Under the guidance of the Bodhisattva Council of Canopus, Sirius is here to support Earth through the great transition. These times will decide whether Earth enters the longed-for golden age, or falls into darkness.


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