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Here is a snippet of who I am. I hail from Casablanca, Morocco (Thanks Mr. Michael Curtiz for putting my city on the map). I believe in the power of the mind and the amazing things we, as human beings, can achieve if we don’t surrender. I had my fair share of health issues and psychological torments, but I managed to fight it all off, well almost all. Pale and petite, not your typical Arabian princess I know, yet cute and feisty as hell. I am a grown up according to my birth date, but I have the eyes of a child, always wondering in awe and easily amused. My musical mood swings from head banging metal to soft and sweet jazz. Life inspires me to write, and the crueler it gets, the more it pushes me towards other worlds and dimensions, thus my book Away From the Sun (a blunt invitation to check it out). My feet are on the ground but my head is often in the clouds. I refuse to do something I am not passionate about, no fake it till you make it nonsense! I am a hopeless romantic at heart and a sucker for crazy unconditional love, especially after having Kiwi, my Yorkshire Terrier (by the way Kiwi passed away and I got the same exact dog and gave him the same exact name; there is your proof of reincarnation).

Omnia vincit amor! 

Oumnia's Titles


away from the sun

Amber Wilson, a teenager living an ordinary life, has a premonition about the death of her father. Following the truth behind the dreams, she discovers she is not what she thinks she is.


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