sarah anne steckel

Sarah Anne Steckel is a Michigan native, born and raised in metro Detroit. If she isn't writing or living in her fantasy land, she is busy at work as a baker. Typically a quiet individual, she also enjoys antique shopping with her husband, or spending lazy days under a blanket with her two furry four-legged children. Take her on a trip to an authentic Mexician restaurant or share a bottle of sweet red wine with her, and she'll more than likely share with you her silly philosophical thoughts--like if dinosaurs failed to go extinct, would humans even to exist?

Sarah's Titles


A tale of two loons

Azura, a kept ward, eludes the only man who helps her escape her gilded captivity, allowing her to finally live the carefree and wild life she always desired. Her maniacal lifestyle takes her from a sheltered life of a secret unwanted child in northern Michigan, and on a murderous cat and mouse hunt with Durwood, a freshfaced young detective, across the country. Nearly two-decades later Norman, Azura's melancholy bastard son, who with Durwood's aid and also his hindrance, attempts to establish his own dignified reputation. Through trial and error, he soon realizes that trying to outlive his mother's infamous lifestyle, is much harder than he originally fathomed.


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A Tale of Two Loons (Paperback)
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A Tale of Two Loons
By Sarah Anne Steckel

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