The Sanatorium Stories Paperback

The Sanatorium Stories Paperback


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The Sanatorium Stories is a compilation of three short stories that take place in Saskatoon over various years, and are spun in dark mystery and death.


The Sanatorium Stories

Since closing in 1978, the peace only broken when a doctor from the 30’s is awoken and has found new patients to cure. When Amy Cruz and Sam Elroy dig deeper into their friends’ disappearances, they soon find the past has come back, and when their teacher, Karen Charpoy, learns of this, knows what she has to do to stop this.  


The House God Damned

A house, a dollhouse, and a church. These things bring Vincent, a reporter for a local newspaper, in between what the church wants and the house beliefs.


Stranger in a Strange Land

Annabelle Church, a teen from 1945, time slips into 2000. As doctors experiment on her to find out how she is there, the reasons reveal a dark catastrophe awaits humankind.