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Enthralled by fiction work, Sonya Gant has been the reader of author giants like Terry McMillian, Eric Jerome Dickey, and Zane, which lit a fire in her to want to pursue her dreams of writing.

Sonya was in high school when she developed a love for writing. Never bringing her passion to life until now, starting with her first book, Second Time Around, Jada’s Story.

Sonya Gant is the mother of two wonderful son’s. Sonya has a lifelong passion for writing, and pours her creativity into writing stories. She enjoys writing urban life stories that are Christian based. She was born and raised in Texas and educated at Prairie View A & M University.

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Sonya's Titles

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Second time around

Jada Johnson is living the American Dream. So she thought! She marries her college sweetheart and is the mother of twins. A newly devoted Christian, Jada has fallen in love with the Lord, but at a price. The enemy has fought her ever since she has changed her life. Her husband, Ken, refuses to go to church and is making her life a living hell. Somehow the two of them can’t find common ground. It’s almost like a stranger is living in the house. The more Jada reveals to Ken clues that he is living a secret life, the more he denies.

Jada finds comfort at work, were she is drawn to a resident, Tasha, who is pregnant and down on her luck. Jada remembered how life was for her when she was nineteen, and offers to help this young teen out, but will later find out how everything happens for a reason. Things may be rocky, but with faith Jada will not lose. What Jada is about to face is out of her control. Will things go right a Second Time Around?

Second Time Around
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